The Bambooryist project was born in the early days of 2014, the idea came to two guys.

From Palermo, Luigi and Davide. We wanted to create an object that was beautiful,

captivating and in line with the need to combine comfort and elegance.

We designed our bamboo bikes thinking of them as real pieces of furniture, so that the

bike does not become somthing to hide when one gets back home, but anything that

enhances the home and furnishings.

A bicycle can be the taste of its owner, because we believe that the bicycle is something

you wear and represent us.

Bambooryist intends to create bicycle from aesthetic. Clean lines, no frills technical and

dryness of the forms are also being pursued.

We bear our brand in a discrete location, under saddle, because we wanted to bring out

the frame in its extraordinary simplicity, while preserving its purity.

The bicycle becomes a means of expression of our own taste, the same way as a pair of

shoes or a watch. We have designed a bike that target an idea of urban elegance, for

those who taste not a detail but a choice.