Bicycles are objects first, then they are tools and as such they not only have

a practical function but also an aesthetic one.

On second thought bikes represent the first real link between man and

machine. People are in fact wearing their bicycles.

The shape, the geometry and the structure of a bicycle are designed to create a “joint”

between the human body and perfect mechanics, and these features create a

relationship of deep intimacy between the rider and the vehicle.

Unlike other means of transport, bicycles integrate the individual in the space rather

than isolate it from this, and do it under the deep bond that develops with the external

environment, accessible, usable, enjoyable.

Looking at the bike from this perspective we feel the need to create a means of claiming

its unbreakable bond without reducing him to the mere role of the passenger or engine,

but making him the protagonist of the act of passing through the space,

modeling him depending on the destination.

The bicycle becomes one thing with the individual, denounces his habits, worldview,



For these reasons, we wanted to choose a material with a thousand-year tradition such

as bamboo, element loaded with traditions and able to synthesize the ultimate in efficiency and elegance.